Little Bags - S/T Tapes


Little Bags is a 4 piece pop punk band from New Orleans, Louisiana. Featuring 3 of the 4 members of PEARS.

1st pressing
100 black / white 2 sided tapes

2nd pressing
150 florescent orange tapes

florescent orange glows under black light // picture attached

tape comes with digital download of the record. release date: Friday July 29th - 2016

1. Fishes Give A Fuck
2. Lay Low
3. Hit The Buck
4. Summer Time
5. I Did It Did It
6. Violins
7. Egg Train
8. Secret Patriot
9. Open House

little bags is:
zach quinn - vocals / guitar
erich goodyear - bass
matthew bracken - drums
brian pretus - guitar / vocals
(for recording: was only on “doot doots” on “lay low”)

listen to songs here:

recoded by: zach quinn and mark liuzza
at memaw’s house

mixed by: josh campbell
mastered by: mike hogan

community records release - 064 / 2016