Pope - Known Weed Smoker EP Tapes

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Pope - Known Weed Smoker - EP from New Orleans based 3 piece. For fans of Pavement. Long time favorite album of ours and we are happy to featuring it on tape again thanks to a co-release w/ Funeral Sounds

150 pressed
75 blue cassette (funeral sounds)
75 smokey clear (community)

100 more pressed:
smokey clear tapes w/ white ink

1. Hunter Mann
2. Cashier
3. Red
4. Beast
5. Weeks of Debate
6. Glass

Quote from Pope:
"This release is really special to us. As a group of friends we haven’t made music together since High School, and we are pleased to announce that our good friend and photographer Benjamin Garrett Davis will be pairing his photography with our music for this release."


originally released November 10, 2013

Matthew Seferian
Alex Skalany
Atticus Lopez

Recorded and mixed by Ross Farbe at the Maze in New Orleans, LA.

Album cover credit to Jordan Elliot Stinnett.

Community Records #063
Funeral Sounds - Blue Cassette