Test Pressing - Ex-Breathers / Ovlov / Gnarwhal / Woozy - Split Vinyl Vinyl


we will more than likely not be repressing this record, if you want a copy, order one of these 3 test pressing copies available :)

A four way collaborative effort by Tallahassee's Ex-Breathers, Newtown's Ovlov, New Orleans's Woozy, and Nashville's Gnarwhal. 8 songs ranging from driving hardcore to introspective indie rock.

500 black vinyl pressed

Full color jackets designed by
Garrett Smith - garrettnsmith.tumblr.com

Community Records release #048

Records ship on or before:
Tuesday November 18th - 2014

Side B :
1. Ex-Breathers - Falling Away
2. Ex-Breathers - Jungle Love
3. Ex-Breathers - Modern Reach
4. Ovlov - The Great Ohmu

Side B :
1. Woozy - Magma Stoddard
2. Woozy - The Other Half Lives
3. Gnarwhal - Scooter Park
4. Gnarwhal - Sangwich

Vinyl available from:
Community Records & Hex Records

Tape available from:
Social Cancer Records

Woozy's tracks were recorded and mixed
by Ross Farbe at his house in New Orleans, LA.

Ex-Breather's tracks were recorded and mixed
by David Settle at Violently High's house.
Ronnie Francisco played drums on this recording.

Gnarwhal’s tracks were recorded and mixed
in a storage unit in Florida by David Settle.
For Dylan Pitman

All tracks mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.