Test Pressing - Innards / The Caution Children - Split Vinyl Vinyl


Split 7 inch vinyl from

1 of 5 test pressings, only 3 are available for sale, 2 are already called for :)


400 lavender vinyl pressed

side innards:
1. Lil' Man
2. Knowing About Bombs
(the caution children cover)

side the caution children:
1. Populate Landscapes
2. Smear - (innards cover)

the album features
a new original from each band
+ a cover of each group covering
one of the other band's tunes.

recording credits
both songs
recorded / mixed / mastered by:
Ryan Richie

the caution children
recording credits
"Populate Landscapes"
recorded / mixed /mastered by:
Jack Shirley

recorded by: David Settle
mixed / mastered by: Jack Shirley


The first time I saw Innards, I couldn't believe the raw emotion and technical ability displayed. It was refreshing to see a group perform with such passion and intensity.

When we were asked about the opportunity of releasing this 7 inch record between Innards & their friends The Caution Children the answer was an easy YES.

Better yet, this is our first
co-release with our friends at
Skeletal Lightning Records
so all the more reason to be stoked!

Jonathan Sacha (of the Reptilian)
made the beautiful art work
for this release.

Community Records - 060
Skeletal Lightning - 039

We are over the moon about this album.
Totally worth adding to your vinyl collection.