Donovan Wolfington - Tape - How to Treat the Ones You Love Tapes


Second full length release from New Orleans based Donovan Wolfington. This is to order the cassette tape version of this album. The vinyl lp can be ordered through topshelf records.


tape details:

first pressing of
200 clear w/ metallic blue liner tapes

full color 3 panel fold out
with full lyrics & liner notes


album release date is:
friday august 21

tapes will ship the
week of the release date.


album photos by: ben davis

side a
1. ollie north
2. basalisk
3. mercurus
4. hxc punk
5. slow loris
6. locust
7. mosquito

side b
8. john cena
9. rhonda
10. solo cup
11. hershel thursday
12. manchac
13. sadhead

community records - 059 (tape)
topshelf records - vinyl