Sharkanoid - Have A Great Summer CDs


ROCK AND ROLL!!! So excited to have this album as part of the Community Records family. Dan Potthast and Rick Johnson make some of our favorite music and here is a collaborative album from them featuring other guests & friends such as Laura Stevenson and Jeff Rosenstock. The result is a collection of really catchy pop tunes and concept songs about what life might look like for some post high school graduates.

This is a really fun record and if you dig any of Dan Potthast's or Rick Johnson's previous work, it's likely that you'll love these tunes. Don't miss out, SHARKANOID RULES!

release date:
Tuesday October 7th - 2014


Dan Potthast & Rick Johnson
- vocals, most of the guitars, bass, and a bunch of other stuff

Jay Vanveen - drums
Rodney Rhodes - organ
Mario Bourzac - heavy metal
Kertis Lytle - synth

Parts here and there by:
Laura Stevenson & Jeff Rosenstock

Recorded at RISC HQ in L.A.
mixed at Cold War Studios in Grand Rapids
Mastered by Joel Hatstat
Artwork by Dan P. w/ layout help from Gil

Community Records release #047

Preview some tunes here: