Compilation Vol. 4 CDs


24 songs. The first Community Records release ever was a compilation CD. We are excited to say that almost 6 years later, we're still here & now we have yet another rad collection of songs and material to offer in a mixtape format. This one is released on CD & Cassette Tape. We are pressing 100 copies of the tape, once we sell out of the limited pressing of tapes, we will release this compilation for free.

The jackets for this cd were printed by the New Orleans Community Print shop on their offset litho press. No two jackets are exactly the same & the ink is a mix of metallic green w/ dark blue. So stoked on how these look. Photos are posted on the image links.

There is a ton of unrelased material on this compilation, new songs from: CADDYWOMPUS, DONOVAN WOLFINGTON, STUCK LUCKY, MATT WIXSON'S FLYING CIRCUS, SIRENS, SUNDOG, SUN HOTEL, and more... check it out:

rare / un-released songs signified by **

1. Caddywhompus - Thirst **
2. Donovan Wolfington - Keef Ripper **
3. All People - Fleeting
4. Matt Wixson's Flying Circus - Let's Get Sick **
5. New Lands - I Like Cat Lady Bingo
6. The Reptilian - Cooler By The Lake
7. Sirens - Dedicated **
8. Sundog - The Prairie, The Fire, The Woman **
9. Lisabi - Senseless Acts of Violence
10. Heat Dust - Where's Nathan Jesse
11. Designer - Magic C
12. The Far East - Youthman
13. Sun Hotel - She's Gonna Take A Picture Too **
14. Kiz & Legin - Shadows
15. Safety - Walk Between The Raindrops
16. Murphy's Kids - Underhanded Motherfucker
17. The Best Of The Worst - Fight of Your Life
18. World's Strongest Man - iii. Let Tradition Die (F.O.A.N.)
19. The Wild - Songs By Heart
20. Caravels - Sleep Talk
21. Dead Legends - Eyedropper
22. Stuck Lucky - The Tilt **
23. Dominique LeJeune - Fel Bet-r
24. Astronomical - Better Man