Keeping - Ruin Value Tapes


Limited Pressing of
100 Purple Transparent Haze Tapes

Also available on digi-pack CD

release #075
released Mar 10. 2017

item ships in early March 2017

1. Focused on Wet Speckled Leaves
2. Single Wire
3. Wrapped Up
4. Empty Portal
5. Change Up
6. Narrow Shell
7. Words Undo
8. Calm Returns
9. Very Last Party

Memory Belt
exclusive to the tape
26 minute drone track by
Tyler Scurlock

Keeping is:
Tyler Scurlock
Robert Landry
Greg Rodrigue


recorded at thermos
in january 2016 by ross farbe

mastered by: carl saff
cover photo by: ben davis

Until the release of Ruin Value, Keeping has been a joy for the New Orleans community; a live demonstration of three great musicians/friends’ rumination in a laid back indie haze and our scene being one that rightly celebrates itself. This musical and social similarity to The Scene That Celebrates Itself immediately contrasts with Keeping members’ past and present Community Records releases as All People, Sharks’ Teeth, Astronomical, and Sun Hotel. Rather than a conventional, declarative, and studio-centered band, Keeping is an introspective minimalist rock communion offering each member’s voice and experiences in a melodically distorted atmosphere. This warm, kind alternative rock recalls the aforementioned shoegazers as well as their peers Galaxie 500, Yo La Tengo, and Sonic Youth. Contemporarily, Keeping’s emotivity and late ‘80s/early ‘90s alt rock musical vocabulary situates them near Pity Sex, Pope, and Nothing. Ruin Value presents this sound, the band’s union, and an uncommonly frank appreciation for the simplicity of a healthy life in nine songs that vary enough to charm and envelop you but never overwhelm!

Bio by Ben Miotke

community records release 075