Caddywhompus - The Weight - ACETATE Vinyl Test Press / Rarities

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Collectors Item:
only one ever made by Carl Saff


Unlike ordinary vinyl records, which are quickly formed from lumps of plastic by a mass-production molding process, a so-called acetate disc is created by using a recording lathe to cut an audio-signal-modulated groove into the surface of a special lacquer-coated blank disc, a real-time operation requiring expensive, delicate equipment and expert skill for good results. They are made for special purposes, almost never for sale to the general public. They can be played on any normal record player but will suffer from wear more quickly than vinyl. Some acetates are highly prized for their rarity, especially when they contain unpublished material.

ATTN: this order comes with
an additional vinyl pressing of
The Weight from the 500 run on
180 gram black vinyl

500 first pressing
180 gram heavy weight black vinyl

original audio remastered and
prepared for vinyl by Carl Saff

45 rpm

"The Weight" was was first released in May of 2011. It has been a long time favorite EP of ours, never before pressed on vinyl, and we are quite stoked that the album is now seeing a proper vinyl release.

We sent the original audio files to Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago before sending it to get pressed to vinyl this year, and we are excited about how it all came together.

1. The Weight
2. Age of Wild Spirits
3. The Others
4. The Focus

Community Records Release #014

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