winded - Schwartz Goes to Heaven Tapes


release #088
release date June 22 – 2018


1. Intro / Schwartz Goes To Heaven
2. Teething
3. I Know it’s Thin
4. Soap Dust
5. No Honey
6. See Thru Girl
7. Swallowing Hair

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release date:
Friday June 22 – 2018

“Schwartz Goes to Heaven” was recorded in Tallahassee with David Settle at his house in October-November of 2017. It was mixed by John Ross in Brooklyn, NY. All songwriting and instruments were recorded by Thrin Vianale.

winded would like to thank: David Settle for recording this album, John Ross for mastering it and lending his amazing singing, Karl Vieweg, Grayson Goga and Patrick Saxer, Schwartz, Community Records, my incredibly talented and steadfast friends, and my brother Matt, mom, and dad for their support and love.

This album is dedicated to Caroline Celeste Alfano

Community Records Release 088