People Museum - Destruction of, Vol. 1 - Vinyl Vinyl


People Museum
Destruction of, Vol. 1 - Vinyl

Community Records +
Strange Daisy Co-Release

Marble Red (Limited to 50) SOLD OUT
Transparent Red (Limited to 150)

Vinyl ship on or around December 4th
One sided LP

1. Bloodline
2. Near
3. Close To My Name
4. Reason

Destruction of, Vol. 1 is the new four song EP by the New Orleans-based band People Museum. This collection of songs was inspired by the life and work of visual artist Louise Bourgeois. Written by Claire Givens and produced by Jeremy Phipps, the process of making this EP was part of the Creative Cohorts Assembly - a creative project facilitated by the New Orleans Museum of Art inviting artists from different mediums to make work based upon their collections. The release will be accompanied by a special one-night only performance underneath Louise Bourgeois’ “Spider” sculpture at NOMA.