Caddywhompus - Feathering A Nest - Deal Vinyl


Caddywhompus - Feathering A Nest - Vinyl LP + a 100% cotton black shirt with a take on the cover art from MRSA.

Save $4 + some on shipping by ordering both together.

01. Feathering A Nest
02. Stuck
03. Company
04. Thirst
05. Entitled
06. Layers

comes with second pressing
of 150 gram black vinyl

Some notes about the record:
Recorded by Matt Coppola with assistance from David Gregory and Ben Cohen in February of 2013. Vocals and overdubs were recorded at a few houses and one practice space. Lovingly mixed by Matt Coppola over the course of a year - with assistance / direction by Caddywhompus. Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music.

Front and back cover illustrations by Tom Rooney, layout by Greg Rodrigue and Caddywhompus.


Caddywhompus shirt design by MRSA. Art work is a take on the "Feathering A Nest" album cover. Black 100% cotton shirt printed with white ink. The Community Records dog logo is printed on the back. These were printed by Ross (of stuck lucky) at the merch kitchen:


Community Records Release #046 - 2014