New Lands - S/T - LP Vinyl



For the first time on vinyl. One of New Orleans absolute best & most legendary SKRAMZ bands + the house band at Hey! Cafe Magazine street. The New Lands discography (pretty much) pressed to vinyl LP by the guitar player Josh Campbell of said band. Limited to 111 vinyl pressed.

Orders will ship by
or around July 15th - 2023

Vinyl Variants:
31 - "blood moon"
69 - "brown"
11 - "black"

Shirt comes in:
light heather gray
mustard yellow

ATTN: Please leave a note with your order us for what color you'd like. vinyl pre-order available with Samurai Shirt, or just order the shirt below. Thanks so much communityrecords (at) gmail. com

Side A: 
1. What Am I? A Yak?
2. I Like Cat Lady Bingo
3. In All Our Long Ears
4. Juicefest 2
5. She Always Has Pizza Money
6. Something Like Havarti
7. Better In Heather Grey

Side B: 
8. Sinclair Is Hot 
9. Meat Sweats
10. I Think Far Too Haltingly 
11. Too Wet To Walk Away 
12. Dad You're Embarrassing Me
13. Fists With Your Toes
14. Young Sausage

Album Credits:
Josh Campbell plays guitar
Will Hagan plays bass
Rob Landry plays drums
Zack Meredith sings
Casey Jordan sings on tracks 13 & 14

Recorded live by Josh Campbell
Artwork by Casey Jordan
Layout by Patrick Bailey