All People - Learn Forget Repeat LP Vinyl


All People - "Learn Forget Repeat"
full length album

250 ultra clear / baby blue mix (com rec)
250 white w/ oxblood red & pink splatter (amr)

the color in color ultra clear / baby blue
mix this variety only available through
community records

order for the white
splatter mix with oxblood red & pink
is available through asian man records

stream songs here:

1. consume
2. unfinished book
3. mind
4. devil
5. doubt
6. conversations
7. litwop
8. alienate
9. internal
10. disfunction
11. love
12. l’éternel printemps

recorded by
james whitten at living room studios
new orleans

mastered by jamal ruhe
at west west side studios - new york

asian man records - 295
community records - 052
broken world media - 082 cassette tape

cover photos & layout
by greg rodrigue

release date:
Tuesday May 5th 2015