The Ghostwood - Empty Cosmic Gloom - Vinyl Vinyl


If you're a fan of well written pop-punk, this record is for you. The Ghostwood is from New Orleans. We have their album "Development" available for free download available from the community records web-site. "Empty Cosmic Gloom" is their follow up release on a mixed color vinyl pressing of 300 copies. Off of LEVEE DOG RECORDS. Screenprinted vinyl jackets.

Stream the record here:

Recorded, Produced, & Mixed by James T Whitten
Drums tracked at Word of Mouth Studio, Algiers, LA
Organ tracked at The Living Room Studio, Algiers, LA
Organ on "Fleas" and "Won't See You Again" performed by Holly Hobbs
Artwork by Rebecca Taylor-Perryman

The Ghostwood is:
Jonathan West, Guitars and Vocals
Billy Baxley, Drums
Andrew Monteverde, Guitars
Christopher Francioni, Bass