Xavier Molina - Sky Boy Tapes


Xavier Molina - Sky Boy

1) luh u
2) start
3) strange
4) yea
5) interlude
6) see you soon
7) hero
8) arch

Limited Edition to 50 copies:
Pink Neon w/ yellow leaders
Cassette Tape

Limited Edition to 100 copies:
Digi-pack Compact Disc

mixed and mastered
by andy gross

by preston holm

community records release 105

austin clements - bass tracks 1&4
michael scott - drums - tracks 1&4
amethyst starr - vox - tracks 5&6
will feinberg - piano - track 8

all other parts and performance by:
xavier molina

Xavier Molina is a dynamic and prolific musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. As an instrumentalist, Xavier plays all of the core instruments (acoustic, electric and bass guitar, drums, piano, and trumpet) with proficiency and skill, bringing excellence, depth and heartfelt energy to every song he touches.

As an artist, Xavier has composed many songs from scratch, arranging all of the sounds, as well as writing the poetic and meaningful lyrics that carry the listeners into the depth of the song. Earning a bachelor's degree in Jazz music from the University of New Orleans, Xavier is a classically and professionally trained jazz musician who has also forged into other genres of music: rock, indie rock, folk, funk, fusion, world music and even hip hop.

Molina has captivated audiences locally with solo performances and with his band Beta Wave. His unique sound has captured audiences in the United States and internationally though, having collected fans in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Cuba. Xavier's live sets are magical , drawing audiences with every note; an enchanting and unforgettable experience.

His early professional years were marked by many performances with long time friend and collaborator Dominic Minix in the Dominic Minix Quartet (aka Yung Vul). He's also shared the stage with musical powerhouses such as percussionist Bill Summers and the Grammy nominated group Tank and The Bangaz.

Molina's newest project Sky Boy is a two-part journey that brilliantly expresses the ups and downs of learning to fly. Sky Boy is his first solo studio album and introduces Xavier's unique gifts and talents to the world of music. All of the tracks were written and produced by Molina himself, and most of the songs were performed by him, displaying his true abilities as an artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and powerhouse performer. Stay tuned for Sky Boy, coming out in January 2021. Xavier Molina is definitely one to watch soar as he makes his mark on music's horizon.