winded - schwartz provides Tapes


winded - schwartz provides
limited edition cassette
75 pressed. one time pressing

clear cassette w/ black ink

1. Colliding
2. Scorpion Tea
3. Heaven Is Leaking
4. Throw A Smile Toward Me
5. Black Coffee
6. Cut Me Out
7. Hell Spell
8. Familar

winded would like to thank all of their friends and family for the support and love they received while creating these songs and recording this album. winded also deeply thanks Community Records for releasing this album, and everyone who lended their time and talents toward the production of this record.

This album is dedicated, in loving memory,
to Caroline Celeste Alfano.

Studio recording and original engineering- Daniel Maddalone
Mixing and mastering- David Settle

Songs written by Thrin Vianale
Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, piano - Thrin Vianale
Additional Drums- David Settle
Additional vocals on Colliding- John Ross

Album art and tarot cards - Dustin Clark
Layout + Text - Greg Rodrigue


shirts printed on comfort soft
100% cotton black shirts
w/ white ink