BAD OPERATION + JOE GITTLEMAN - Wavebreaker no. 4 - Bad Time Records Vinyl


"Wavebreaker 4" 12" Vinyl LP by Joe Gittleman and BAD OPERATION. - White vinyl LP variant. - Bad Time Records Release

Side A - Joe Gittleman
Carrie O'
I Gave it All To You
Pete Lost The Beat

What Keeps Us Moving
Grandma's Car
Stay Inside

Written and produced by Joe Gittleman
Now You Fleas Music, ASCAP
Mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie
Mastered by Pete Weiss

Carrie O’ recorded by Anthony Cimino at Mojo Studios Easton, NH with additional engineering / production by Ben LeBeau and recording by Joel Edinberg at Q Division, Cambridge Ma. Drums & percussion by Anthony Cimino. Electric piano & organ by Andrew Hauprich. Additional vocals by Ry McDonald. Featuring Big D & the Kids Table horns Ryan O’Connor, Paul E. Cuttler & Dan Stoppelman with guitar by Sean P. Rogan. I’ll Give it All to You recorded by Joe Gittleman. Sax by Leon Silva. Guest vocals by Brooke Stroh. Pete Lost the Beat recorded by Joe Gittleman. Additional recording by Doug Batchelder at the Den, North Reading, MA. Drums by John Lynch.

Dominic Minix - lead vocals
Brian Pretus - guitar / backing vocals
Daniel “D-Ray” Ray - keyboards / trombone
Robert Landry - drums
Greg Rodrigue - bass

Lyrics written by: Dominic Minix
Album engineered by: Brian Pretus
Mixed by: James Whitten
Mastered by: Carl Saff

Album Cover Art: Justin Olivier
Layout / design: Greg Rodrigue