CADDYWHOMPUS - "Remainder" Limited to 40 pressed - bootleg vinyl / shirt Vinyl


"Remainder" Bootleg
limited to 40 pressed.
lavender marble vinyl

This album was Community Records release 008, released spring of 2010. The vinyl has been out of print for well over 8 years. Caddywhompus as a band started a new chapter for our DIY record label, they were the first non-ska bands that we would work with. They fit in on the ska shows we would host, but they were obviously doing their own thing, and helped us create an environment that was conducive to bringing in bands from a new circle from New Orleans and beyond. Every time I hear this album I can imagine myself dancing at a house show during sxsw in Austin in the 2010s & multipme similar happy environments as we would tour with this band across the country.

Anyone who has seen them live, knows how incredibly special this duo is. We are thankful to have this record back in stock for a bit. The week of Block Party 2023, our good friend Josh Campbell called and asked, "Hey, do you want me to re-press 40 copies of "Remainder" before the show?" Of course we said "hell yea!" This is the result!

We sold about 15 of these at Block Party 2023 for the first Caddywhompus performance in 5 years, but we are thrilled to present to you the remaining copies of "Remainder"

Limited to 40 pressed
(about 25 copies left)
180 gram vinyl
comes with original lyric sheet
remastered vinyl lacquer

Each vinyl jacket is handwritten on.

"Camdomids Cadsylobus"
blob tee AI art collab
We also have about 35 shirts left over from Block Party 2023. Get one!