Sexy Dex & The Fresh - Plus 1 Edition Tapes

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1. Speed Racr
2. My BAE-B
3. Supermachine
4. Le Sigh
5. Wound
6. Open My Up
8. Take Me Love Me

Released on
150 transparent pink tapes

Community Records 073

All songs written, recorded and performed by Sexy Dex and The Fresh
Mixed and Mastered by Sexy Dex and The Fresh
Dexter Gilmore: Guitar/Vox
Gabrielle Washington: Vox
Ben Buchbinder: Synth
Andrew Landry: Bass
Evan Cvitanovic: Drums

Sexy Dex and The Fresh are an astonishingly talented New Orleanian band imbued with the most irreducible cosmic vanguard of early ‘80s funk. The group’s cacophonous pop can be said to have been embryonic in Glish, a captivating shoegaze band featuring future SDTF members Dexter Gillmore, Andrew Landry, and Evan Cvitanovic. Metamorphizing Glish’s dreamy psychedelia toward SDTF’s raucous synth funk, Gillmore recorded as Coldiloqs, a lo-fi tribute to Prince heavily mutated by psychotropic cyberpunk. This project was collectivized, reincorporating Landry, and Cvitanovic and adding vocalist-guitarist Gabrielle Washington and keyboardist Benjamin Buchbinder.

Sexy Dex and The Fresh premiered live in December 2014 supporting Community Records veterans Caddywhompus and, for applying the ultra-skilled popcraft and experimentation that Glish excelled for to futurist funk rock, immediately impressed. SDTF continuously built on this foundation through thrilling live shows around New Orleans; becoming well-known as one of the most engrossing, hardest-working, and near-absurdly proficient DIY bands in town. Their collective talent articulates a futuristic cascade of post-disco, boogie, and electro elevated by experimentation in synth, sampling, and effects. Seductive for their hyper-literate veneration of Prince’s Minneapolis sound and especially progressive for avant pop excitement recalling George Clinton’s Computer Games and “The Man Who Invented The ‘80s” Trevor Horn (The Buggles, Malcolm McClaren, Art of Noise, Yes). At the end of 2016, Sexy Dex and The Fresh released Plus One Edition, eight tracks beloved by those who have seen SDTF live, refined for almost two years, and recorded to retain the vital energy that made them live favorites, on cassette through Community Records.