The Reptilian - End Paths - Cassette Tape Tapes



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Kalamazoo, MI’s math rock/screamo act The Reptilian make their Community Records debut with End Paths! Progressing from their roots on Count Your Lucky Stars and musical ancestors such as Envy and Slint, The Reptilian situates among contemporary acts such as Loma Prieta and Battles without appearing derivative of them. End Paths is, for its grace and rage, a swanlike anthem crafted emotionally and intelligently that never softens too much for punk crowds nor loses the indie crowd with simplicity. Eight passionately shouted calls from within rapid structures of dynamically spry post-hardcore melody and flowing, adrenal rhythm. Definitely recommended for fans the Innards/Caution Children split!

1. Drifter
2. No Path
3. Sad Ghost
4. Fold and Follow
5. Old Growth
6. Arm's Length
7. Wrong Pattern
8. Turn and Coil

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Community Records - 068
Skeletal Lightning - 045

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The Reptilian is:
Russ Wagner
Dan Riehl
Jonathan Sacha

Recorded & mixed by:
Mike Schuur
at Sun Spot Recording in Kalamazoo, MI
between Dec. 2015 & Jan. 2016

Mastered by: Carl Saff

All artwork and layout by:
Jonathan Sacha