Boyfriend Material - S/T EP Tapes


Gainesville, FL’s Boyfriend Material expands hitherto sole member Shauna Marie Healey’s sunny, introspective indie pop with a full band on their new s/t E.P.! This augmented personnel brings Healey’s pop punk-tinged style into an engaging sonic resemblance with Alvvays, Laura Stevenson and the Cans, and Kimya Dawson. Boyfriend Material presents four saccharine first-person odes that carry through your cracked window on a hot day spent contemplating crushes, break-ups, and insecurities upon a resonantly melancholic breeze!

recording and mastering:
goldentone studios

lauren nicholas

1. Small Talk
2. Two Steps Back
3. Good Graces
4. Absentminded

**same audio on both sides of tape

Shauna Healey:
John Stoltz - Guitar/Bass
Chris Chaires - Drums

First run of 150 gray cassettes
w/ white ink print.

community records - 066