Hikes - Lilt - Cassette Tape Tapes

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Risograph print J-Card.
High bias tape.
Same music both sides.

Track List:
1. Granddad
2. Onset
3. Habit
4. Timothy

Engineered and Mixed by Takaaki Mino at HMC studio in Tokyo, Japan. November 2016
Mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago, IL.

Nathan Wilkins: Vocals/Guitar
Chris Long: Drums
Colin Jenkins: Bass
Will Kauber: Guitar

Executive Producer/Backup Vocals in Timothy: David Isaac

Community Records Release 080
Release Date: June 9 2017

Austin TX math rockers Hikes offer their third LP Lilt; their debut on Community Records! Recorded with founding Toe guitarist Takaaki Mino when Hikes toured Japan, Lilt is a captivating portrait of the deeply realized union of founding members Nathan Wilkins and Will Kauber and their dynamic math rock sound as it’s become filled out by rhythm section members Chris Long and Colin Jenkins. Drawing as much from their histories in hardcore and metal as they do Austin’s indie pop currents, Hikes restlessly straddle the math rock spectrum from the riffy heaviness of Braid to Toe’s refined jazz fusion and personalize it with pastoral strokes of folk. Rapid mathematical patterns entrance and inculcate one with the outgoing, adventurous character of Hikes and, in four songs, Lilt gives listeners enough to satisfy but enough variation to encourage repeated listens! Releases just in time for the band’s Japan tour with Fall of Troy in June 2017!